Whew!  What an unintentionally long hiatus!  I won’t get into why I was gone, but I do have at least a few more posts in me…  So I’ll jump right in.

Today’s post is about being a DIY bride.  Doing it Yourself sounds like a great idea to many; it’s creative, it’s personal, and most of all – it’s cheap.  But if you are planning a Do-It-Yourself wedding, you’ll need to plan things out meticulously.  When done right, DIY affairs are beautiful, fun, and not as hard as you might think.  But without excellent planning, they can end up being stress-filled and messy.  Not at all what a bride wants her wedding day to be.

There is a very good flow chart out there describing reasons to DIY or not.  I don’t intend to reproduce or replace that; in fact, I don’t think I could.  But it’s worth checking out (sorry, I’ve seen it in a couple of spots but I don’t have a link right now).  Just make sure that you DIY for the right reasons; it’s not always cheaper and it’s usually not easier!


Come Up With a Plan

Every bridal publication tells you to plan, plan, plan.  Endless lists and budgeting tools exist online.  Tons of “shoulds” and “should-nots” abound.  But those lists usually assume a set of perfect conditions: a year or more to plan, a median budget for your area, a ready theme, a location that doesn’t need fixing up, etc.  This will be YOUR wedding, with YOUR ideas, YOUR location, and YOUR requirements.  Use those lists as a starting point only.

When we planned our wedding, we had exactly nine months from the proposal to the wedding date; eight, once we chose the location.  That meant we were already way behind when it came to the lists in any bridal magazine.  I started off being stressed, until I made my own list.  I won’t share the boring details with you, but I came up with my own priorities and went from there.  As a DIY bride, you’ll have to do the same – but your planning is even more intensive the more things you do by yourself.

Think about your location.  DIY brides often go for a less traditional venue (although it could be argued that most weddings in the 19th century took place in the bride’s backyard, today our venues tend toward structures with catering kitchens and bathrooms).  Whether it’s a friend’s yard or a rented barn or a campground or a park, a venue for which weddings are not a regular occurance may be inexpensive and full of character – but it will inevitably have more hurdles.

Is the ground even?  Do you need a sub-floor?  A dance floor?  Astro-turf?  Even if you’re planning to do everything on the grass, you will probably need to consider shoes, as heels will sink.  Do you have a plan if it rains?  If it’s 100 degrees?  How many bathrooms are available (you’ll probably want one stall for every 30-40 people, with plenty of extra toilet paper, so you may need to consider renting)?

Do you need any permits for cooking, serving alcohol, taking photographs, or playing music?  You can usually determine that through your police department or your city’s recreation department – and typically if you’re doing a backyard shindig you’ll just have to worry about alterting the neighbors.  But any sort of event on public property usually needs to be approved well in advance.

Then, of course, you have the inevitable onslought of projects.  Want to make 250 hand-sewn napkins?  You’d better consider how long each one takes and add on at least half the time to the finished project, since you never know when you’ll hit a snag (run out of fabric, change your mind about stitching, realize you have to sew 300, etc.); in other words, if it takes you 1 hour per napkin, give yourself 375 hours to finish.  Don’t forget to let yourself sleep.

The biggest stressor for DIY brides is that they simply extend themselves too far – you can make your own invitations, dress, bouquet, cake, and favors (well, if you’re awesomely talented!).  BUT you need to give yourself enough time and plan it out extremely well.

Work It Out In Advance

Something I’ve noticed with every DIY bride I know is that it’s incredibly easy to think “Oh, I can finish tomorrow.”  Tomorrow becomes the next day, which becomes the next week…  And before you know it, you’re three days from the wedding with three months’ worth of things to do.  If you’re there – well, keep reading.  But if you’re several months away from your DIY wedding, I want to try to impart some wisdom on to you.

My message, simply, is this: Do as much as you can, as early as you can.

I know, it sounds rediculously easy.  But it comes down to time.  You see, a month or two or three before your wedding, it seems like you’ll have plenty of time.  Use that down time to get done the small details: the hand-sewn napkins, the calligraphed menu cards, the program, the card box, the paper flowers.  Stuff favor boxes (seriously – they’ll keep!).  Bake cookies for your bridesmaids and stick them in the freezer. 

If you see something you’ll want for the wedding on sale at a store, BUY IT.  You never know when it’ll be gone, you never know when it’ll be more expensive, and you don’t want to be running to five different stores in a crazy effort to find it three days before the wedding.  This may involve a little extra storage room for wedding stuff, or taking things back to the store when you find them cheaper elsewhere or change your mind, or even breaking out the credit card.  And I understand that because of those three conditions, it’s not necessarily the ideal solution.  But trust me, it’s a heck of a lot easier to return something to the store than it is to find it online because all the stores around you are completely sold out.

This is also part of the planning process.  If you want details X, Y, and Z for your wedding and you plan to get them done well in advance, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute.  Things to do well in advance include: sewing (a wedding dress, a bridesmaid’s dress, handkerchiefs, napkins, etc.), favors (chocolates and candy almonds hold up just fine for a few months in a box, as does anything non-organic.  Baked goods can be put in the freezer until they’re needed), purchasing (of vases, tablecloths, tableware, favor boxes, confetti or rice, favors and gifs, and miscellaneous other decor).  Obviously you can’t put together your bouquet a month before the wedding (unless you’re using paper or silk flowers, in which case you definitely should).  But many of the other tasks involved in a DIY wedding can be done well in advance.  For every extra thing you cross off your list, you’ll be taking one less stress away from yourself the week of your wedding.

Be Realistic

If you have never baked a cake that doesn’t fall flat or burn, don’t plan to bake your own cake.  Unless you’re an accomplished seamstress, don’t plan to make your own dress.  The same goes for all aspects of your DIY wedding – don’t set yourself goals that you can’t attain.  You’ll only get completely stressed out when they don’t turn out as you want them to.  I can’t sew to save my life – my mom can’t sew and my grandma couldn’t sew.  It’s okay to admit that and move on – there are plenty of dresses available for under $300 (Hello, David’s Bridal $99 sale?  Or how about a pretty short cotton number at Ross for $25?  Or a full-length bridesmaid’s gown at Alfred Angelo for $150?).  You just need to think out of the box.  Likewise for cakes or flowers – you can often find someone who is just starting out or just learning the business, willing to bake or arrange flowers at cost (or worst comes to worst you can buy a ready-made grocery store bouquet…  I’ve seen beautiful ones!).

The point is that there are plenty of ways to save money and have a fun personal wedding style – but you have to set yourself goals that can be achieved.  Sometimes this means revising the goals, and sometimes it involves thinking even further outside the box.

Ask for Help!

“That’s fine,” you say, “but what about me?  I’ve got two weeks until my wedding and so much to do!” (substitute days or months for weeks; you are the only one who can say how much you have to do and how much stress you’re under!).  The first advice I can give you is to ask for help.

Ask around at work for anyone who is willing to bake your cake.  Put out an All-Points-Bulletin on Facebook asking your buddies to gather to put together your favors or fold your programs.  Most people would love to help, especially former brides (we know how it is!), even if they’re not invited to the wedding (no, really!).  And if you get several friends together to help at once, it can be a mini-party!

Don’t be afraid to use your friends as a resource or as manpower – it’s fun to feel like you’re involved in a friend’s special day, and no one wants to see their friend stress.  Plus, you never know what talents you’ll uncover!

Get a Coordinator

I know most DIY brides feel like they just don’t have the money to spend on someone to be in charge of coordinating their wedding.  It can be expensive to hire a professional, and often times until you’re a bride on her wedding day you just don’t see the need.  As a guest at weddings, I never even noticed the coordinator.

Until I started planning my own.  In my day job, I was an event planner, so I’m sure it helped me to realize what they were doing a little more readily.  But even so, I started realizing all the things that needed another pair of eyes.  On my wedding day, I didn’t want to worry about whether a vendor (or a grandparent!) was lost, whether the favors or the programs were in place, whether the music was cued at the proper time, whether the tables went to get food in order, or whether the cake was set up as we wanted it.

This is not meant to scare you – I want to make sure you realize how vital it is to have someone there to make sure your wedding goes as you want it to.  This person should NOT be you – you can’t take photos and set up your reception at the same time, or enjoy your first dance whil making sure the cake table is set up properly.  But it doesn’t have to be a professional, either.

Granted, a professional wedding coordinator has done a dozen or a hundred or a thousand weddings – she knows how things are supposed to go, has a list of what needs to happen, and isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done.  But a friend (especially one who has been a bride herself) with a good understanding of your wedding plans and an assertive nature can easily act as your coordinator.  Just go over your timeline with her (or him!), give her a list of expectations and emergency contacts, and trust her.

A friend of mine had a potluck backyard wedding recently, and I volunteered to be her acting coordinator when I was helping her stuff favors the day before.  My job was to make sure the tables were set up properly, the food was organized, the cake was put out, and everyone knew to hang out while she and her husband took photos.  It was actually pretty busy, but I had such an incredible time.  My husband helped move chairs and clean up the ceremony site, and at the end of the day we both felt like we had been able to help the bride and groom have a great wedding day.  No compensation needed except to see them smile.  You probably have a friend or two who can handle just that.

When All Else Fails, Have a Backup Plan

Stuff happens.  The farmer’s market doesn’t have enough orange flowers.  The party supply store runs out of your favor boxes.  You end up not having time to hand-punch three pounds of confetti or sew 250 napkins or buy enough kitschy vases for every table.

Give yourself a deadline for each DIY project – whether it’s two days before the wedding, to find flowers for your bouquet, or a week before the wedding, to finish favors.  Give yourself a deadline and stick to it.  And once that deadline passes, reevaluate your plan.

If something has happened to get in the way of accomplishing your goal, figure out what you can do to accomplish it.  Can you call in reinforcements?  Go to the store?  Use a slightly different product than you intended?  Completely ignore the plan and not bother to use that element?

Something every former bride knows that every future bride must learn is: no matter how important a detail is to you, most of your guests won’t worry about it one way or another.  Favors often get left behind or forgotten.  Bubbles often get blown only after the bride and groom have made it down the aisle (or out the door).  I love printed materials (programs, menu cards, escort cards, etc.) but they tend to litter a wedding site after the fact.

When I got to my own wedding, I noticed that the flowers were completely unlike what we’d discussed with our florist.  I wanted muted colors, burt oranges and rose pinks.  I got fuschia and pumpkin.  And you know what?  It didn’t matter.  No one else knew what the flowers were supposed to look like (even my husband, when we were looking at the photos later and I commented about them, said, “oh, really?  I thought they looked good!”).  They really did look nice, even though they weren’t what I had in my head.  And at that point I could either stress out and make myself really upset, or I could breathe and go with it.

In every wedding there will be times like that – in a DIY wedding, it seems like there will inevitably be more points where you can choose to stress or go with it.  Your guests aren’t judging you by how your wedding looks or how perfect your details are.  In fact, your guests shouldn’t judge you at all – they’re your friends and family and if you’re happy, they should be too.

So if a detail doesn’t get done exactly how you want it to, go for plan B.  Or nix it altogether.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t work hard to get your wedding to be the way you want it to.  But the number one piece of advice I’d give to any bride, DIY or not, is to just relax.  Like I said, there will always be something that didn’t go exactly right (no matter how much you spend on a wedding).  If you relax and enjoy it, you’ll have good memories of the day (and of the process leading up to it).  It’s YOUR wedding – you should be happy on your wedding day.  Even if you decide to get married in a $5 thrift store dress in your living room with a grocery store cake, don’t let anyone – or anything – make you feel otherwise.


I know I have been a baaaaad blogger lately, and so I absolutely HATE to do a hit-and-run post (again).  But I had to post a link back to Weddings Fresh, where they’re featuring mismatched china as wedding table centerpieces.  I love, love, LOVE this look, and even though I’m biased beyond belief (I “came up” with the idea for our wedding because of how the restaurant where we had the reception was decorated, started collecting china from the swap meet, and then I saw the look in a Martha Stewart spread a few months later), I just have to share this love.

Unfortunately, there are no “pictures” of the centerpieces at our wedding, per se.  But you can get an idea from these:

Pretty teapot used as a vase at our wedding

Pretty teapot used as a vase at our wedding



You can see a teacup and creamer in this photo

I can’t get over how much I like this look; it’s simple and not fussy – it looks like you went outside and gathered an armful of whatever flowers you could get your hands on (notice how my florist mixed and matched to get that “straight-out-of-the-garden” look?) and stuffed them into whatever vessels you could find laying around…  We wanted our wedding to be fun and relaxed, and I think that mixing-and-matching definitely achieves this.  The greatest part about mixing and matching, at least for a vintage shopper like me, is that you have to go shopping at thrift stores, swap meets, and Etsy/Ebay (although watch out for high shipping charges for heavy and breakable china online).  I had so much fun trolling our local swap meet for $.50 pieces (because even with tiny cracks, our florist had plannet to use oasis in the bottom of each piece, so they’d be just fine)!

One of these days, I’ll have time to finish the two loooooong drafts of posts I’ve got in my head.  Until then, short link-filled posts and pictures!

I just wanted to write a quick post to say that I’m still alive and I still have lots of posts inside me!  I just haven’t had any time for anything lately, which of course makes me very sad.  But I noticed that there have been a LOT of hits on the blog, and for that I’m super-excited.  I promise a new post (or, I hope, several!) SOON!

This post combines two of the things that are important/interesting to me: wedding planning and being happy with yourself.

If you’re a plus-sized person, you know first hand how difficult it is to find clothes that fit.  They are tight around one area and gape in another.  Short plus-sized girls know quite well the phenomenon of everything sized 16 and over being made for someone who seems to be about 6 feet tall, and I’ve heard from tall-plus sized girls that say everything is just too short.

Most stores don’t carry your size, and if you’re in between, like me, you have to either get things too big or too small – Lane Bryant’s fit model of a size 16 makes me look like I’m wearing a tent.  Most stores that sell so-called “straight” sizes have size 16s that barely cover my ass.

So what’s a plus-sized girl to do when she gets engaged?


Well, first of all, here’s what not to do: don’t go out and buy a dress five sizes too small and starve yourself and work out thirty hours a week to fit into it.  Even tiny girls do it.  I know, it’s tempting.  You want to look “your best” on your wedding day.  But doing this will only frustrate you – and if you do make it to your goal weight you’ll hate yourself at the end of the whole ordeal.  Eat healthy, yes.  Exercise, yes.  But not because you’re trying to attain something out of reach – do those things to give yourself more energy and that healthy glow, and because you’re taking care of yourself.  You’re going to be a wife, after all.

Focus, instead, on making the wedding really yours.  Don’t beat yourself up because that dress doesn’t come in your size.  Find one that does. 

If you’re like me and have wide feet, buy your wedding shoes online at Zappos or Endless – they have a 365 day return policy, free shipping both ways, great search functions by color and heel height and size, a fabulous selection of wide-width shoes, and you can try whatever you order on in the privacy of your own home.  Their prices are usually fantastic too.

I’ve collected a bunch of examples of beautiful dresses and accessories for plus-sized brides, as well as some great links to get you started.  If you have found a great online resource I haven’t listed, let me know!

The Dress

Insert scary music…

Even size two brides fear “the dress.”  I think it’s something to psych us all out – they make the dress sizes smaller than “street” sizes and laugh at brides who come in and get ashen.  I have had friends tell me they had to buy one or even two sizes bigger than they normally wear when they bought their dresses.  And you thought it was hard shopping for plus-sized clothes!

There is, of course, no rule that says you must wear a wedding dress.  You can wear whatever makes you most happy and comfortable.  But assuming you want what so many women do – that pretty frilly white gown that makes you feel so special and beautiful – you’ll have a little more research to do than many other women.  Just go into the whole process as early as you can, and with an open mind.

Chain stores can be good – especially if you have plus-sized bridesmaids, they’ll make your job even easier.  Just tell everyone to go to X store and they can all find their size.  David’s Bridal has not been a good friend to me (more on that in another post, another time), but I had an excellent experience with Alfred Angelo.  That said, if you’re being blatantly overlooked or ignored anywhere you go (a common complaint among plus-sized brides; I think for some reason some shop employees figure we’re just not as interesting), LEAVE.  If the shop is busy, try coming back another day.  If not, complain!!!

As I said, Alfred Angelo was, for me, a great experience.  I had excellent service and found an incredible dress.  Almost all their dresses come in “Women’s” sizes (what, is everyone else still considered a girl?  guess I’m glad I’m a woman!) and they even have a plus-size line.  Their “straight sizes” go up to a size 20, with “Women’s sizes” (which are more generously cut in our curviest areas) go up to a 28W.  It’s not super-sized, but it’s a start.  Okay, some of the models look like stick insects.  But look at the “plus size” models – they’re probably no bigger than an 18 (if that), but they actually have!curves! (if no arm fat).  Imagine that…  The nice thing with Alfred Angelo is that they have a range of sizes in-store for you to try on.  They won’t have every dress in every size, but they DO carry plus-sized dresses in their stores.  And, best of all, their plus sizes run true to street size.  (They also carry just about all their bridesmaids’ dresses and separates in plus sizes, but those are harder to find in-store to try on.  Just an FYI.)

Just a few examples of their dresses on plus-sized women:

OMG!  MY DRESS!!!!  See, it's pretty awesome, isn't it?

OMG! MY DRESS!!!! See, it's pretty awesome, isn't it?

This is a bride with some meat on her bones - and she's looking pretty hot in that dress!!

This is a bride with some meat on her bones - and she's looking pretty hot in that dress!!


As I said, I don’t endorse David’s Bridal, but they do have some dresses in plus sizes too – their DB Woman line runs from 14-26W (also sized a little more generously around the curvy areas).  Here’s one of the ones I tried on and liked:

David's Bridal plus-sized dress.

David's Bridal plus-sized dress.

But there are alternatives to chain stores, or at least alternatives to the traditional chain bridal store. 

For example, Fashion Bug has a small online Bridal Shop.  You can’t try the dresses on before you buy them, which is a definite downside.  But they give you all the measurements (and they really are the correct measurements, at least for their street clothing) and returns are accepted.  Plus there’s not a single outfit (they’ve got a pantsuit too!) that’s over $200.  Try finding a dress for that at a bridal boutique.  Note: their website isn’t behaving for me.  But go check it out.  They’ve only got about eight styles but they’re available to size 28).

Then there’s PlusSizeBridal.com.  Now, again, I can’t vouch for how good they are (although it looks like they’ve got cut-rate prices on dresses, with prices lower than Alfred Angelo can give on the same dress…  hmmm…), but they definitely have some interesting options.  Some of their dresses even fit up to a size 32 and (gasp) some of their designers actually photograph honest-to-goodness plus-sized models (with arm fat, even).  And they look good.  And I know it’s a consideration (even though I wish we could just stop worrying about it) – some of these designers make dresses *whispers* with sleeves.

Genuine plus-sized bride in a dress by Kellan-J

Genuine plus-sized bride in a dress by Kellan-J


More links to sites with plus-sized dresses:

One tiny gripe: I never see a size 28 in any of these photos of bridal dresses.  I know they’re out there – girls who look killer in a size 28 bridal gown.  But the designers never show them.  I could get into a mini-rant, but I won’t.  Suffice it to say that there’s been a lot of growth in the plus size wedding industry, but it’s not nearly enough yet!

As for style?  Stay open.  I never would have picked out my dress for myself, but the rouching made me look like a total hourglass figure and the halter top and lace-up back helped hold my plus size boobies up.  Which is important, yo.



Of course, you can’t be a beautiful bride without the accessories!

A foundation is crucial, of course, to looking your best in the dress.  So be sure to spring for the good stuff!  If you can find one, go to a real lingerie boutique, where they undress and measure you and figure out exactly what size you should be.  Even if you don’t, though, be sure you are getting the right size. </soapbox>

Some “big girl” bra stores online include:

  • http://www.goddessbra.com/ – One of the best lines out there for full-figured bras.  I got a longline from them for my own wedding.  You’ll have to find a local or online distributor.
  • http://www.biggerbras.com – they advertise that they carry up to a 56K.  They don’t have much selection in the E+ sizes, but considering how impossible they can be to find…
  • http://www.thebigbrashop.com/index.php – UK bra shop (so beware shipping charges) that carries up to a 58 band and up to an L cup (although not in the same bra, alas).  Again, not the biggest selection of super-sized bras.
  • http://www.abra4me.com – They have a great selection that you can search by size, collection, or style.  And they even have a body shaper (to avoid lines and lumps!) that comes in a size 50F!


And then there’s the dreaded garter toss.  Like a dope, I forgot that “one size fits all” does not my size fit, and I bought a garter on a sale rack at a craft store (I know.  How wrong does that sound?  But it was cute!).  When push came to shove, it barely fit around my arm.

So if you’re going to do a garter toss (and if you want to, don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t!), do yourself a favor and get a plus-sized one to wear.  I did some research when I was looking for mine (ended up finding one that fit perfectly at my lingerie shop, of all things) and found a few places online to share:


I don’t think for a minute that plus-sized gals need to worry about plus-sized veils or tiaras (if someone tries to sell you one, I’d laugh in her face).  Even my bowling ball head fit a regular tiara just fine (most will adjust a few inches one way or another).  But of course there are some other fun accessories you might want to consider.

  • Plus-sized gloves!  Because opera-length gloves can be super-elegant and beautiful on any bride, and while many of us actually have tiny wrists and fingers, I’m constantly surprised at “straight”-sized accessories that seem to be made for midgets.  I found two sites selling them:
  • Bolero Jackets and Shawls.  Especially if you’re getting married in a cool climate or during the winter, you’ll want to have one of these on hand to match your dress.  A few sites stock them in sizes up to 3 or 4 X:
  • Also, don’t forget spanx or other foundation undergarments!  They help dresses look smooth and feel beautiful.  Just because you love your body the way it is doesn’t mean you can’t wear the “proper” underwear (even super-skinny chicks swear by the right undergarments!!!).  There are several different brands out there, too.  Check out Assets – they’re by the same designer as Spanx but sell for about half the price (I got mine at Target).  And yes, their size 6 is supposed to fit up to a 6′, 300 lb girl…  Not sure how accurate that is, but that’s what they say!
  • Many plus-sized girls DO have plus-sized fingers.  This is not a bad thing.  It just IS.  If you have a large bone structure, you can lose 50 pounds and still have large fingers.  If you’re a ring size 9 or larger, you might have some trouble finding a truly feminine wedding band.  But I did find this site (can’t speak to their quality or service) that has beautiful, feminine wedding bands for sizes up to 15.5 (quarter- and half-sizes too!).  They’re a bit pricey, but it may be worth it to find your perfect wedding band in a size you can wear comfortably without paying for a custom-made piece.


One last thing every bride must have: lingerie that makes her feel sexy!  And don’t argue with me – this is a vital part of your wedding purchase.  Heck knows Victoria’s Secret’s “Sexy Little Bride” collection won’t fit you (true story: I bought a pair of their undies in size L – the largest they make – and tried them on.  Wouldn’t go past my knee.).  If you’re marrying the guy, you’d best be aware he wants to see you in lingerie!  Again, I can’t vouch for every one of these stores, but I saw some cute items at the following places.  WARNING!  Not work appropriate!  Some of this stuff is pretty hot!!!


And this is by no means a necessary item…  In fact, it made me a little miffed…  But I had to share something I found when I was researching yesterday’s post on cake toppers.  This is supposed to be a “curvy” version!   True plus-sized brides, laugh with me!

These are supposed to be "curvy" and "burly" versions of bride and groom toppers.  Coming from the point of view of a genuinely curvy bride, I don't see it.  But it's a start, right?

If you’d really like your cake topper to look like you, you’ll have to do a bit more looking and probably pay a bit more money.  I’ve been searching for “plus-sized cake topper” and even “fat cake topper” (which made me cringe) and it looks like they just don’t make ’em.  Which shows you how far the industry has to go.  BUT you might be able to convince one of the companies that does custom work to do a statuette of you – for a hefty fee – and get something that resembles you.  Check them out:

  • The Younique Boutique – Think $350+.  But they say they do custom bodies.  I didn’t see a single “fat girl” on there, though.
  • Clay Figurines.com – I didn’t think their stuff looked as good as the site above, but they’re only in the $150-200 range.
  • Thumb Print Kids – Ahem.  WAY out of the range of most anyone you can imagine, at $2800 for a bride and groom together.  But they are SO gorgeous, and they seem to do a great job of getting size right.  Can I register for one of these now that I’m already married?  I want!
Genuine plus-sized topper from Thumb Print Kids.  See how gorgeous their work is?

Genuine plus-sized topper from Thumb Print Kids. See how gorgeous their work is?

I was researching another post when I came across this site, which makes custom porcelain cake toppers.  I’ll warn you, they ain’t cheap!!!  And they definitely have a handmade look.  But if you want something that will actually look like you on top of your cake, check them out!  They have several different sizes too.

These toppers have a handmade look, but think of the possibilities!

These toppers have a handmade look, but think of the possibilities!Another example of their toppers

So… Looking at today’s post I realized that there’s a strange phenomenon. Almost all of the bride statuettes are redheads! They’ve got this strawberry blonde thing going on…

I’m sure it’s to be as neutral as possible – perhaps brunettes are more inclined to buy a redheaded statuette than a platinum blonde statuette, and, for blondes, vice versa? Or maybe it’s just a nice color the designers/owners (because I’m fairly sure most of these toppers are made by one or two companies) like to use?

Just an observation. Carry on.

First off, I apologize for the long space in between posts.  Real life and all that…
Oh!  And the friend from my last post?  He proposed.  They’re thisclose to setting a date (yay!).  Now on to the planning!

On that note, I wanted to do my first picture-blog, featuring one of my favorite elements to any wedding – the cake topper!

I know the trend lately is to forego this “cheesy” old tradition in favor of an understated flower arrangement or a monogram, or else decorate the entire cake.  And those can ALL look beautiful and be extremely personal.  This is in no way meant to diminish the beauty or personality of these looks.  In fact, all three are illustrated below. 

A great example of the understated flowers-only look.  Image courtesy of Melissa McClure.

A great example of the understated flowers-only look. Image courtesy of Melissa McClure.

Classy Monogram Cake Topper by White Crush Wedding

Classy Monogram Cake Topper by White Crush Wedding

A gorgeous cake decorated all over with icing and flowers.  What a stunner!  Image credit: ME!

A gorgeous cake decorated all over with icing and flowers. What a stunner! Image credit: ME!


But I have to admit to really loving the “traditional” cake topper, cheesy as it can be.  I can’t help it – there’s something about a bride and groom together on a cake that makes me smile.  Whether it’s vintage:

Restored vintage cake topper by BrassPaperClip, found on Etsy

Restored vintage cake topper by BrassPaperClip, found on Etsy


Vintage Cake Topper Sold by Meg4Mom, Etsy

Vintage Cake Topper Sold by Meg4Mom, found on Etsy


More vintage!  Sold by Johnny Vintage, found on Etsy

More vintage! Sold by Johnny Vintage, found on Etsy

Can you tell I love vintage?  This is a posting on Ebay.  If you're reading this before March 12th, search "vintage wedding cake topper".  If not, the auction has finished.  Sorry!

Can you tell I love vintage? This is a posting on Ebay. If you're reading this before March 12th, search "vintage wedding cake topper". If not, the auction has finished. Sorry!


 Or new, I just can’t help myself.  Now that I’ve given you an idea of vintage cake toppers out there (vintage toppers are available all over the place but they come and go, so if you like one, GET IT!), I’ll share some of my favorite new ones, with the websites where they can be found.  There is literally a topper for just about everything, from an uber-nerdy groom to a pregnant bride.  I’ve only barely skimmed off the top of what’s out there, but it was so much fun to research!

Just a disclaimer: these are not the only sites out there selling unique and fun cake toppers, and I’ve seen several of the toppers on multiple sites.  I don’t have an affiliation with any of the sites, nor can I vouch for anyone’s customer service except Little Things Favors (I used them for my own wedding).  I also can’t guarantee that these are the lowest-priced sites.  I just want to see pretty pictures!


A super-cute kissing cake topper we used in a table top for our wedding.  I love it!

A super-cute kissing cake topper we used in a table top for our wedding. I love it!

My favorite new cake topper - a PINCH!

My favorite new cake topper - a PINCH!


Jewish couple cake topper

Jewish couple cake topper

Indian couple cake topper

Indian couple cake topper


Sweet "Frog Prince" themed princess bride topper

Sweet "Frog Prince" themed princess bride topper

Pretty beachy cake topper for seaside weddings

Pretty beachy cake topper for seaside weddings

A baseball-themed topper; there's also soccer and football!

A baseball-themed topper; there's also soccer and football!

Funny spy theme...  I can think of a couple who would love this...  At least, he would!

Funny spy theme... I can think of a couple who would love this... At least, he would!Updated version of the traditional topper. Tres elegant!Pretty Classic Disney Cinderella Cake Topper. This is one of the few on this page over $50.


Gorgeous wedding coach cake topper

Gorgeous wedding coach cake topper

Elegant First Dance Topper

Elegant First Dance Topper

I couldn't resist this cute frog wedding cake topper!

I couldn't resist this cute frog wedding cake topper!

Super-fun and joyful kissing topper.  I love the energy!

Super-fun and joyful kissing topper. I love the energy!


Happy "leg pop" topper.

Happy "leg pop" topper.

Caution: these aren't cheap.  But they're the least expensive custom toppers I've seen, and they come in all sorts of styles.  Super fun!

Caution: these aren't cheap. But they're the least expensive custom toppers I've seen, and they come in all sorts of styles. Super fun!


This is the only place I've found this beautiful beach-themed topper!  Wow!

This is the only place I've found this beautiful beach-themed topper! Wow!

A few sites to check out:
You’d also be surprised where there are some beautiful and interesting choices:
There is no point, except that there’s a lot out there.  Have fun with what there is and get what works best for you!
ETA: I don’t know what was up with wordpress’ photo software today but it did some weird deleting and combining when I posted.  I think I fixed it all.  But if you notice anything that just totally doesn’t match the picture, please let me know.  I promise I’m not crazy…  Just annoyed with the program.

So I’m not going to name any names, even though I’m certain neither he nor she reads this blog (or my other one, for that matter). But I have to say how excited I am that plans are in the works for another wedding – SOON! A friend bought his engagement ring TODAY to propose to his girlfriend, and I got to hear all about it!
Before anyone starts getting excited, I know HIM better than I know HER. Sorry to everyone who was hoping it was her!
It’s just really exciting to see the process from the other side. And to know that in a year or two they’ll be as happy as my husband and myself.
Oh, and on that note, today is the year anniversary of our getting engaged! So much has changed in the last year – especially with our short engagement – that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t a longer wait. But it looks like wedding season won’t be dwindling off for a while!

Since I got engaged last year, I can’t help but keep my eyes out for gorgeous and inexpensive wedding finds…  And even though I’m married now, I’ve decided to start this blog to share my favorites and finds.  I hope to start posting vintage items for sale, I’ll be listing some great money- and time-saving tips, and I can’t wait to share as many beautiful photos as I can find!!!  Whether you’re getting married soon or you just enjoy weddings as much as I do, I hope you’ll come back often for a look!